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We are over-the-moon happy that our buddy Ruxton (a.k.a. Yogi Fluffy Tail) found his purrrrfect forever family.  He is enjoying endless days of love, lounging, meditation, and of course play... and he now has two sweet kiddos to practice his meowtastic mantras on!!


Albei was once our adorable shyguy, but has been gaining confidence every day in his forever home!  He spent two-months in the shelter before we were blessed to have him in our care and now he gets to spend his days at work with dad, enjoying coffee dates, and hiking Runyan Canyon!  His family was able to look past Albei's initial timidness and truly see his potenial, and now he finally has forever! xx


Petey came to us as a very neglected 7-yr-old Yorkie.  He was completely infested with ticks and fleas and had been kept as an outdoor dog.  It didn't take long at all to realize what a sweet pup Petey is and with his new mommy, it was love at first sight!  They are so happy together and as Petey has built up more confidence he has become quite playful and is not afraid to show all the many facets of his adorable personality.


Olive was rescued just two days before she was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter, where she had come in with a fractured pelvis.  Her demeanor completely changed the moment we left the shelter and we couldn't help but  fall in love with her sprightly personality... her new family did too & Olive is smitten getting ooohed and ahhhhed over as the only pup.    


Poppy had a long road to recovery after being struck by a car resulting in serious injury to her leg.  She's now happy as can be in a forever home where she is the center of their world & gets endless snuggle time! Yayyyy for Poppy!! 


Tessa is soooooooo happy in her new family with her new parents and new brother, Buddy! She's bouncy and playful and finally gets to be a puppy!  Her life is drastically different from when she was scared and cowering at the shelter.  We are so happy to have been able to unite Tessa with her PAWmates who are over-the-moon in love with her! 


Tango is such a love, constantly dolling out kisses... We couldn't be happier that he's found a family who loves him as much as we do!!  

King Louie

Louie was the most level headed of the bunch, perfectly content just "chilling." He now gets to soak up the rays in Manhattan Beach while being doted upon by his mommy and daddy. Life couldn't be better!


This sweet girl was successfully rehomed and has a new dad and brother she's over the moon about! 


All Versace ever wanted was to find a family that would love her forever... and her dreams came true when she met Faith & Daniel.. THANK YOU for opening your hearts to her!!  


Blondie (Dolly's sis!) has settled right in with her new family, who absolutely cherishes her... making all of our dreams come true!  


Guess what!?! Beau lives across the street from his brother Clipper and gets to play with him all the time... how great is that!? He is a very smart boy and is loving life with his new comPAWnians.


Dolly got the home she had always dreamed about... filled with lots of kids, toys, laughter, and most of all LOVE! 


Clipper looks most like his mommy Dolly. He knew just how adorable he was... so much so that he's had us all wrapped around his little paw from the very beginning!  He is super duper happy in his new home where he gets to play all day with his new PAWmates, which inclues a big family and a big brother. 


Peanut was one of our Buddy Pawcierge clients who is now in the most wonderful home with his forever family and best buddy/brother, Mio.  


Charlie was hit by a car as a kitten and suffered a broken jaw, pelvis, and tail.  She has a lot of fight and we were honered to help find her the wonderful forever home she deserves - with a loving mother and two very playful brother kitties!  She couldn’t have found a better family!


Pancakes was always wanting of all the attention and a bit of a handful, but that's what his mommy loves best about him... she calls him her little ham :)  

Lois Lane

The only girl of the litter, Ms. Lois Lane is fiesty, adorable, and completely curious... hence her name!  She loves her new mommy and is excelling in her puppy training classes... she is also  becoming quite the Instagram star with all of her natural cuteness!


Tiki is inseperable with his new dad who showers him with love and attention and has even put him on a new organic diet! 


YAYY for Elle!!  She found her PAWmate after being successfully rehomed!


Tony was the largest of 6 pups in Dolly's litter born on 24 October 2013. He is continuing to grow and gives lots of puppy love to his new family!


Montana was one of our most snuggly Buddy Pawcierge clients and now has the most purrrrfect forever home filled with endless love!    


Track is our oh-so-cute polydactly kitty that was found in the restroom of a racetrack. He is unbelievably happy in his new home with his mommy and made an unlikely BFF with his k9 sissy, Kishi... they spend hours playing and Track even grooms her, pretty much cutest thing ever!   

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