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We are so delighted you’re considering adopting one of our buddies as your lifelong companion!!  Beople's People begin the rehabilitation process with each animal before they are placed for adoption, which makes for a smoother transition process between you and your new buddy.  Your furry friend will be vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, socialized, and we also dedicate a tree in their honor with Tree People, a 501c3 nonprofit located in LA, upon finalizing the adoption.  Our intention is for both you and Fido to thrive and we will make every effort to support this special bond.




Once you’ve found your PAWmate, please be sure to fill out our online application.  If your application is approved and we think you'll be a good match with our buddy, we will contact you to get started with the adoption process and to arrange a meet and greet.  You must live in the Los Angeles-metro area to adopt from us. 




Now you’re ready for a home visit!  It is our goal to ensure your home is safe and free of hazards, such as harmful chemicals, exposed wires or cords, balconies where a buddy could fall, and doggie doors or fences that allow for the great escape.  Don’t worry, if we find any potential hazards, we will help you with buddy-proofing!




Once your home has been approved, we do a 1-week trial foster period before finalizing the adoption to ensure it's a great fit for both you and our buddy.  During the foster-to-adopt period, we provide any needed support and tips to set every buddy up for success.




Your adoption fee helps cover the costs for your buddy’s vaccinations, medical procedures, spaying/neutering, microchip and registration, training, and we also dedicate a tree to be planted in honor of our buddy being adopted. 


Dog Buddies           $400 to $450


Puppy Buddies        $500 to $550


Cat Buddies            $150 to $200



Now, you’re ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime with your new BFF! Please keep in mind that no matter how much your buddy has been socialized and trained before arriving to your home, there will always be a transition period.  We never know for sure what our buddy went through in the past, but many have encountered difficult circumstances, such as neglect, unstable home environments, stressful conditions, or even abuse.  What we know for certain is that they have been abandoned and rejected, two terrible feelings that we as humans sometimes have a lifetime of therapy for.  Think of how you might react to a new home in such a situation.  Set your expectations accordingly and be prepared for the bonding process to be just that, a process.  We promise it will be worth it!! 


Thank you for becoming one of Beople’s People and joining our Buddy Brigade!  We will continue to provide support by following up with you after 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months as well as invite you to events and training opportunities.  We do hope you’ll be an active Buddy Alumni and continue to check in with us and drop by often!


Our buddies thank you for your interest and hope to see you PAWfully soon!


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