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Dear potential forever family,

Hi, I’m Matilda, or “Tilly,” as my friends like to call me. I’m a 8-9 year-old seeing-impaired female terrier with diabetes who has won awards for All-Around-Shining-Personality! In fact, I have an entire basket full of biscuit and squeaky toy accolades from my foster mum! Speaking of biscuits, I’m a world-class foodie who loves a good meal. My motto: you talk, I eat! Not to say I’m not ladylike about it - I give my please (ahem, cue puppy dog eyes) and thank you’s (insert vigorous tail wags). I’m even learning sit, wait, and walking on a leash. I’m a good learner and will do just about anything for food… it’s almost hard to believe I’m a svelte 10-lbs! You may have noticed I glossed over the diabetic portion of my intro. Well, that’s because it’s my personality that makes me, ME - not diabetes that defines me. I’ve gotten rather used to the twice a day insulin injections I receive. Not to say I can’t be wiggly and avoidant, but for the most part I take it like a champ! It’s taken a bit to get my blood glucose levels stabilized, but I’m on a great track now and am ready to flourish in the right home. Ideally someone who is willing to keep up on my walks would be great, having a fenced yard would be pretty cool too. I do learn my surroundings rather quickly, but don’t be surprised if I bump into things in the beginning. Not having my vision is a new development, likely from the diabetes, but I promise it will not discourage the amount of cuddles, love, and grandiose affection I’ll show you. Someone experienced with diabetes is a plus, but all that can also be taught so don’t let it deter you. I’m looking for my BFF, my ride or die, my coffee date, my lazy Sunday sweats all-day mate!  If you want the most adorable furry plus one, then look no further!! Let’s meet!










Gender: Female


Breed: Wire-Haired Terrier


Age: 8-10 Years Young


Size: 10 pounds


Housebroken: Yep


Spayed: Yep


Vaccinated: Yep


Microchipped: Yep​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Super Lovey-Dovey: Yep!!

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