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Dear potential forever family,

Hi, I’m Birdie! I’m a seven-year-old Schnoodle-Terrier mix who loves people. Once I have a forever person of my own, my focus will be on giving cuddles and showing you how much love I have to give. I really enjoy going on walks and am great on a leash. Spending time outdoors is one of my favorite things. There’s nothing better than sun bathing while my foster mum is gardening. I can always find the sun, following wherever it goes to catch those rays… I am most definitely a California gal! I have a sweet and chill demeanor, and will do best in a home with a relaxed and predictable vibe. I am a great match for someone who works from home, or is retired and wants a loving companion. I can be left home alone with no issues, but wouldn’t want to be alone all day, and I do not like to be confined. No crates for me unless the door is left open and I can go in and out as I please. I am also an early riser, but will sleep through the night. I am of course potty trained, and will also let you know when I have to go outside, or when I’m in dire need of a treat. I’ll let you in on a little secret - I will do almost anything for a treat! You’ll know I’m asking for one when I trot over with a cute tail wag and gently put my front paws up your legs while also giving the most endearing puppy dog eyes. Oh, and did I mention I have killer eye lashes!?! As for my health, my blood panel results came back showing good organ function with no concerns. However, when I recently had my spay surgery the vet also removed a mammary tumor which are pretty typical in dogs who were spayed later in life. After it was biopsied, we discovered it was a grade-2 carcinoma. I went in for a second surgery to have it removed and am happy to report I am now in great health. A few other tidbits is that I prefer to be around chill dogs who give me space and time to warm up to them. Anxious or overly excitable dogs bring out my own anxiety and I can be reactive with them, often being bossy or policing their activities. For these reasons, I may be best suited in a home without other dogs unless the person is dog savvy and has patience and the ability to redirect these quirks. I did spend a weekend with cats and completely ignored them so I’d likely have no problem sharing a home with them. Overall I’m a really sweet and easy girl, and will thrive in the right home. If you’re looking for a loving companion then I hope we get to meet!



Gender: Female


Breed: Schnoodle-Terrier Mix


Age: 7 Years Young


Size: 13 pounds


Housebroken: Yep


Spayed: Yep


Vaccinated: Yep


Microchipped: Yep​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Sweet & Chill: Yep!!

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